Located in Cole Valley – a neighborhood in the geographic center of San Francisco near Golden Gate Park that feels more like a small town than part of a city, eco+historical kicked off its first project with this 1922 Edwardian home.

With a good floor plan in its original configuration, it made for a great start on an eco-rehab to turn it into a fabulous home for a typical family with one or two kids who love to entertain.

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173 Downey New Facade173 DOWNEY STREET

Our second project home was also located in Cole Valley, just a couple of blocks from our first project at 394 Frederick.  173 Downey Street is a 1902 Colonial Revival Cottage that deteriorated over the course of 30 years of neglect and was ready for some loving attention.

When we purchased it in 2006, the home had real potential – a couple of lovely fireplaces, views, and nice floors, but everything had to be upgraded, refinished or replaced.  Going beyond 394 Frederick, we made this home a Green masterpiece, receiving a 99 GreenPoint Rating.

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Moving from Cole Valley to Noe Valley, our next two projects will be taking advantage of the change in the LEED for Homes program to allow not just new homes but “gut rehabs” to be LEED rated, so we’ll be targeting LEED Platinum for both 1436 and 1566 Sanchez which we’ll be starting this year.

1436 Sanchez is a real study in possibilities.  It looks quite large but is quite small – largely due to an underutilized ground floor basement and a lack of dormers to utilize the full space of the upper story. Empty for some 4 years, the home hasn’t been updated in over 50 years.  Like 173 Downey, it needs just about everything.

We’re just starting on the plans, but check out the project site here.



Our second Noe Valley project is also set up to be a LEED for Homes LEED Platinum project.  Right now, our specs for the house have us at nearly 24 points over Platinum (the highest rating), but we’ll see how things shake out at the end.  This project is actually our personal home, but we’re doing our best to remain true to our values of maintaining traditional details (like making all of our new trim match the original trim in the home) while modernizing both the floor plan for contemporary lifestyles and the technology behind the house for energy and water efficiency.

Unlike the homes we do for resale, this home will be a true example of where homes need to go in a post-oil world where water is becoming scarce.  It’s been designed as a super-insulated, super-efficient home that is all-electric…electric heating, cooling, water heating, cooking (yes, cooking – talk to any chef about induction cooktops!) and even the decorative fireplace using the latest in atmospheric simulated-flame electric fireplaces from Europe.

We’re expecting to start construction in September 2010, so check out the project site here for more details and periodic updates.