Founder Joshua MogalJosh & Katy in Seattle

Originally trained as an engineer, Josh spent 15 years as a high-tech marketing executive before founding eco+historical homes in 2006.  The impetus for the shift, quite frankly, was a combination of his 2005 marriage and move to San Francisco and the release of the movie An Inconvenient Truth.  His marriage shifted his thoughts to the value of family and friends and the role of the home as a center for connecting people and giving comfort and the movie crystallized his belief that each of us needed to do something to make a difference in our impact on the planet.

Long a lover of the beautiful Victorian, Edwardian and Colonial architecture that dominates San Francisco, Josh was a little surprised at how totally focused the Green Building industry was on modern and contemporary architecture.  From his experience in product marketing, he knew that you could apply 95% of the technologies, finishes and materials for Green Building to historic homes as well.  Having directed numerous construction projects in the past, Josh decided to launch eco+historical homes to acquire and do “green” rehabs of historic San Francisco homes.  His most recently-completed project was a LEED Platinum renovation of an 1889 Stick Victorian in Noe Valley at 1566 Sanchez Street (that had fallen on hard times) and his next is another LEED-Certified project at 1436 Sanchez, just up the street.