Our First Greenpoint-Certified Project

Our First Greenpoint-Certified Project

eco+historical homes acquires and restores historic San Francisco homes and helps others do so using healthy and sustainable building practices.

Historic homes are the soul of the city – we cleanse them of toxic finishes and components and rebuild them with sustainable and reclaimed materials, non-toxic finishes, and water and energy-efficient fixtures and appliances. More than a business, this is a mission.  There are cheaper ways to build, but our homes are left with a near-zero carbon footprint while retaining their historic character, warmth and charm.  Going “green” doesn’t have to mean buying into a concrete, steel and glass modern home – our homes are Greenpoint or LEED-certified and yet retain the architectural details that connect them to their places in history, their neighborhoods, and their city.

Our core philosophy is that these homes are for living and our floor plans reflect that.  Family bedrooms are on a common floor, laundries are near the bedrooms, the chef-designed kitchens are attractive and functional, there are both formal and informal entertaining spaces, and there is built-in CAT5, audio and video wiring and speakers.  Innovation abounds with motion-sensing dimmers, LED lighting, ultra-efficient heat pumps for heating and cooling and VOC-free insulation and paint.  While beautiful, they’re built for living and connecting with friends and family – all in a healthy, non-toxic environment that treads lightly upon our planet.  Come see for yourself.

Have a question or want to talk in person?  Contact Josh at josh@ecohistorical.com