While they say that you can’t time markets (and they’re right), we accidentally stumbled into the right timing for this one.  Although we’d planned to have 1566 Sanchez ready for sale by December 2011, various niggling details held us up until March 2012…right as San Francisco real estate went into a frenzy.

The response to 1566 Sanchez was incredible – we received so many gracious and generous compliments and comments…thank you to everyone who had a chance to come by and check it out.

4 days after the first showing, it was sold.

On to 1436!

Now our focus is shifting to 1436 Sanchez, just up the street.

Once again we’ll shoot for LEED Platinum and once again we hope to transform a small Victorian into something that’s large enough to work for a contemporary family, but stick to the general footprint of the original and retain the original facade.