We talked in the last post about how we re-used the old concrete patio by breaking it into pieces and building into the new garden’s dry-stack wall…finding treasure in what would once be considered construction waste.

Concrete Patio

Rafter Beams

…and we talked about how we saved the old rafter beams from recycling by ripping them down and using them to face the new roof deck’s planters…

Chimney Brick

…and we also mentioned that we saved the old chimney brick (which wasn’t seismically sound nor needed anymore in our era of metal flues) to use for the lightwell patio…

But what we didn’t really talk about was some silverware that we saved from somewhere else.

etsy to the Rescue

Browsing one of our favorite websites, etsy, a source for handmade and usually one-of-a-kind items from creative folks the world over, we came across a designer who makes custom light fixtures from old silverware. While this has been done before, Jessica Johnson‘s work was particularly attractive, so we reached out to her to make a special piece for our breakfast nook at 1566 Sanchez.

In keeping with the rest of the hardware in the house, we asked Jesse to use polished nickel hardware and cloth-covered traditional lamp wiring plus we said how large it should be to fit the space we were targeting.  After that, she decided everything and delivered this absolutely cute and beautiful chandelier that just says “come on over…this is where you eat!”