To add a bunch of square footage to 1566 Sanchez without taking up much more of the lot, we needed to make use of the basement area under the existing one-story home.

How to do that?  Excavate.  And excavate.  And excavate.

Above, our General Contractor takes a look at an area we just excavated where we noticed that the foundation under our neighbor’s recent unpermitted addition (at 1560 Sanchez St.) had no waterproofing at all and large voids through which you could see under their interior stairs from our side of the lot line.  Their concrete was also sitting on loose, uncompacted soil – pretty dangerous stuff.  Although permits are costly, it’s usually a good thing to adhere to the city’s building code and have the city inspect the contractor’s work…the code’s there for a reason.

Here we see from the street how the lower basement level façade has been removed and the CAT sits ready for another run in to lower the floor level of the dirt to prepare for the new foundation.

We’re pulling out a lot of dirt.  A lot of dirt.  Did I say a lot of dirt?  Yup.