So our LEED Platinum project at 1566 Sanchez is underway.

The deconstruction was completed a couple of weeks ago, whisking away the usable lumber, fixtures, doors, hardware and trim.

Now construction has begun in earnest.  This week we began the excavation to open up the lower floor.

The CAT digs out the lower level.

Chris Begg, our Contractor, removes a window to save the old glass.

The old kitchen and bath in the back are gone.

We discovered an old fireplace base buried under the old kitchen and bath addition…along with charred ash.  It’s probably been under that section of house for at least 60 years.

…and a last view of the old brick foundation that will soon be relegated to the sands of time.

We’d love to save that brick, but being in contact with moist soil for 120 years did it no favors.  Fortunately we have a great pile of bricks from the demolition of the old fireplace chimney, so we’ll have some patio material that came from the original home.