Well, it’s been an awfully long time coming, but construction has finally started on our LEED Platinum project at 1566 Sanchez.

Yes, we’ve had to make some changes to manage cost…
and yes, we had to deal with some painfully long delays by San Francisco’s Building Dept in getting our permit approved (even though there were really no issues with our plans)…

But now we’re under way.

Deconstruction was done in more or less a single day, hauling off usable doors, appliances, lighting, trim, and lumber, minimizing waste that had to be abated for toxics or sent to the dump.

Here’s how it looked when the house was staged for sale in 2008:

And here it is in the midst of deconstruction:

We also saved some beautiful corbels and ceiling plaster rosettes (for chandeliers or pendants) to reuse in the finished home and the brick from the deconstructed chimney for reuse for our planned rear patio.

Now the house is gutted and we’re preparing to start the basement excavation and shoring to support the home while we remove the old seismically-unstable brick foundation and replace it with a new earthquake-safe reinforced concrete (using high recycled fly-ash content concrete) foundation.

Stay tuned.