LED lighting is unquestionably on a roll.  The number of manufacturers jumping into the fray is simply amazing, and lighting leaders Philips and GE are right on the forefront.  At the recent West Coast Green conference, I came across the Lemnis Lighting booth and saw their long-promoted Pharox bulb (a $30 dimmable LED bulb that’s a direct replacement for your standard incandescent lightbulb – but which lasts 50,000 hours)

More exciting though was that they were showing a new version of their bulb, dubbed the Pharox Flame.   Although there are now many dimmable LED bulbs available on the market, most are available only in variations of white from Warm (with a color temperature that’s typically 2700 degrees Kelvin) to Halogen (more like 5000 degrees Kelvin).

But the Pharox Flame is interesting in that they’ve driven the color temperature down to 2200 degrees Kelvin.

What does this mean?  Well just from looking at the bulb, you can tell that the color of the glass on the bulb that it leans towards the yellow-red end of the spectrum.  While it will put out less light (or lumens) than the standard Pharox bulb (which has a higher color temperature) since brightness per watt drops along w/color temperature, it will give off that warm cozy glow that we love in our dimmed-down incandescent bulbs but just can’t seem to get with fluorescent or LED bulbs.

So if you’re looking to add some cozy warm glowing light to a favorite lamp or light fixture, at just 6 watts, the Pharox Flame could warm your heart without burning up your electrical bill.