Most of the talk today about making lighting green is all about getting rid of inefficient Incandescent light bulbs…

and switching to Compact Fluorescents which provide similar brightness at 1/4 the power

or LEDs which offer similar brightness at 1/8 the power of incandescents.

But beyond the choice of technology, what about the fixtures?

Sometimes a historic home comes with some great fixtures (like this Victorian era gas/electric fixture)

that can just be re-used as-is or slightly spruced up and reused.  More often, though, the really old fixtures are beyond repair or have been long-since replaced with something truly fugly.

But never fear.  While there are great options for reproduction historic fixtures from the likes of Restoration Hardware, Rejuvenation, Schoolhouse Electric and Barn Light Electric, there are also many great sources for old lighting that you can pick up for your historic home rehab.  Remember that re-using an old fixture requires no new manufacturing effort and thus is pretty darned green.  You can even put LED bulbs in it if you want to go all the way.

Some great places to look are…


Just search for “Vintage Pendant” or “Vintage Chandelier” or “Vintage Sconce” for some great finds – often a little rougher than what you’d find at an antique lighting store or online antique lighting site, but way way less expensive.

Barn Light Electric

In addition to their reproduction fixtures, Barn Light Electric offers a small selection of actual vintage fixtures at relatively decent prices…

Early Electrics

This site has some amazing old fixtures – true one-of-a-kind character-filled old industrial pendants and more, definitely a place to look for that special piece.

Coup D’etat

Funky interior design dealer in San Francisco with some amazing pieces including quite a bit of totally unique lighting.  Not cheap, mind you, but definitely interesting, fun and a way to reuse old lighting in a newly-redone historic (or not so historic) home.

Ohmega Salvage

This great architectural salvage business in Berkeley, CA has everything – doorknobs, doors, mantels, windows, register covers, tubs, toilets…and lighting.  Always worth a look.