To quote the inimitable Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery, the Opti-myst Electric Fireplace from Dimplex in the UK is “Switched on!”.

What do you do when you either:

  • Have a real fireplace but want to stop burning things and worsening global warming?
  • Want a fireplace, but have no flue to take away the exhaust of the gas or wood fire?

Well, you put in an electric fireplace.

The problem is that most electric fireplaces look…well…awful.  We did pretty well with the Valor Dimension Innova that we used at 173 Downey to create a glowing coal effect,

but it looks like some real strides forward are being made on that front with the new Opti-myst simulated fire from Dimplex, a fireplace insert company in the UK.

Opti-myst combines realistic faux glowing logs with a steam and lighting system that creates a smoke and flame effect that is really amazing.  Click here to see a video.

If you live in the UK, they have a range of inserts available with this new technology that can go right into an existing fireplace or which you can build into a new fireplace (the inserts are just 7″ deep) with your own choice of mantel.

I particularly like their Brookline insert:


…none of those inserts are available in the US.  The only option on this side of the pond is Opti-myst built into a huge and, in my humble opinion, less-than-attractive pre-assembled “mahogany” mantel.

I suppose that there are people out there seeking instant gratification in the way of:

  1. Buy electric fireplace
  2. Drive home
  3. Open box
  4. Plop fireplace in front of wall
  5. Plug in
  6. Sit in front of fireplace

…but who don’t care about things like design, matching color schemes, or…well…er…taste.  Too blunt?

But there are many more prospective customers, architects, designers, developers and the like, all across this great continent of ours, whom I would imagine would like a little more design leeway.

It is to you, my brothers and sisters, that I would plead.

This is our time.  This is our moment.

Rise up!  Rise up and call.  Rise up and email.  Rise up and ask…nay…demand that Dimplex of North America to do us a solid.

Demand that they give us access to the inserts that are currently available to our brothers and sisters in the United States of Europe!

Agree with me?  Amen.

Let Dimplex NA know that we shall be heard…here.