Our project house is taking shape!  As we speak, Feldman Architecture is taking our newly envisioned concepts and moving them into full 3D CAD.  Soon we’ll have our proposed “after” 3D renderings to match the awesome “before” 3D renderings we received from Fog City As-Builts.

Great kudos are due to my architect, Bridgett Shank, for a plan that really delivers on the potential of this currently-tiny house.  Faced with a variety of challenges, both by the current plan of the house and by her none-too-easy client (um, yeah, that’s me), she has worked with principle Jonathan Feldman to create this tremendous family-friendly floor plan.

The challenge was to take a small (1200 sqft) turn-of-the-century 2BR/1BA and make it into a contemporarily-relevant family home for a family of four where one or more of the adults might work at home.  Generally that means getting the whole family on one floor (3BR+2BA ), having parking for two (including an electric car charger, of course), great spaces for socializing with friends and family, storage and office space.

To my great pleasure, their first concepts more or less nailed it.

Do the new floor plans work?  You decide.


The top (second) floor of the existing home has two small bedrooms front and rear and a small bath.  This plan adds wall dormers in the back of the top story to grab the space that is currently lost to the steeply-pitched roof (a full 50% of the width of the house is currently under areas where the roof is below 4′ high).  Adding the dormers enables us to put two bedrooms and a bath where there was just one.  A modest rear addition on the main level creates a nice deck for the rear bedrooms.


You enter the house on the main floor from a set of front stairs.  We’ve carved a little powder room out of the entry foyer and rearranged the stairs both up and down.  We kept the Living Room and fireplace and traded places between the Dining Room and the existing Kitchen while adding a casual Family Room area in the rear.  The new Kitchen is nicely spacious and has a wall of pantry cabinets.


Currently just an unfinished basement with a 6′ ceiling height, a little excavation and the new rear addition buy us an amazing Media/Playroom, a laundry, and two office/ bedroom spaces.  Most all of this is in the same footprint as the original home.


The home currently has a large garage at street level.  But to get an 8′ ceiling height on the Ground Level, we needed to excavate down…and that would have had us digging into the garage.  So we came up with the concept of having the garage descend below grade so that when it got to the front of the house, it was below the level of the Ground Level floor.  This new Garage Level adds lots of storage space – something that most San Francisco homes sorely lack.

Now Feldman is committing this to CAD.

Formal floor plans and 3D sections coming soon!