Where does one start an historic rehab project?

At the beginning, of course.

In San Francisco, that usually means two things.

  1. Get a copy of the original Water Service Request for your home
    • Go to the SFPUC Water Department at 1155 Market St
    • First door on the left
    • They have water service requests to the original Spring Mountain Water Company going back into the 19th Century – even though there are few or no old building permit records available since most all of those were lost in 1906, in the fire after the earthquake
  2. Go to the San Francisco History Center at the SF Public Library
    • There’s a treasure trove of old photos
    • There are the records and photos from the 1966 Junior League historic home survey
    • Find Sanborn Fire Maps that show the outline of each home on each street for each year they were created…maybe see how your whole block as a single farm at one point in time!
    • Check out the 1899/1900 Sanborn Maps online here
    • Check out the lower right hand corner of this Sanborn map from 1899 showing where our project house at 1436 Sanchez should be.  Since it was built in 1903/04, it makes sense that there was no  separate lot yet – it was just part of a big parcel on the corner of Duncan and Sanchez that must have been subdivided in the following couple of years.