This is what you want in any given transaction…a vendor who under-promises and over-delivers.

Hat’s off and thanks to Joel and Cielo of Fog City As-builts for their rapid turnaround of the floor plans and 3D models of 1436 Sanchez.

Here you can see the existing floor plans…

While here is a great 3D rendering of the front of the house (along w/the neighbors!).

I’ve put it side-by-side with a view of the front of the house from Mapjack as a reference.

For those of us without the visualization skills of an architect who can easily glean proportions and a sense of spatial relationships from mere 2D floorplans and elevations, this is a godsend.

From that perspective, Fog City also provided an unbelievable view of the house showing roof cutaways for each floor so that you can see the whole floor plan for each floor in 3D as well.  Awesome.  Truly awesome.

Sorry for all of the superlatives…I am just so digging this.

Just can’t wait until we can show the redesign plans in 3D too!