Well, of course it’s only after they turn the cameras off that you think about all of the stuff you should of said or how you could have said what you did in a tighter or clearer fashion.  That train has left the station, but at least I can tell you what I would have said for the Green Christmas TV special had I known in advance that I was to be on camera and pontificating.

I just wanted to boil down the seemingly simple question

“What is Green Building?”

Ultimately it’s more about philosophy than technique or technology…a philosophy with just 3 simple premises:

You just want to craft a home that is:

  1. a Healthy space
  2. built using Reused, Reclaimed or Sustainable materials
  3. energy and water Efficient

That’s about it.  The rest is just details.

What’s clear about those principles is that they have nothing to do with architectural style.  So why, I asked myself, are the vast majority of Green homes modern or contemporary?  You can just as easily make a traditional home with Zero-VOC paints, Solar Photovoltaics, FSC-lumber and state-of-the-art heating and water systems.

So that’s why I started eco+historical homes.

San Francisco has such a rich architectural heritage with many thousands of turn-of-the-century (20th century) homes.  This heritage is core to San Francisco’s cultural identity.  I wanted to maintain that identity while adhering to the Green Building principles I defined above.

It’s not just a business.  It’s a mission.