A big thanks to John Suppes of Clarum Homes for hosting a wonderful event last night at his eco-home in Palo Alto to wrangle up support for a tremendous institution, the Mid-Peninsula High SchoolMid-Pen High School – a unique school that recognizes that different people learn in different ways and that each of us must find our own passions to inspire us to achieve.  The school is different because each kid is different and hammering them all into a common mold isn’t likely to help them realize their potential.

I’m particularly taken with their philosophy since it aligns so well with that of the Square Peg FoundationSquare Peg Foundation – a non-profit with which I’m associated – founded by Joell and Darius Dunlap to create a community for kids to discover themselves and what they’re capable of.  They allow all ages and types of kids into the program but have special experience and have had particular success bringing kids with Asperger’s Syndrome (high-functioning Autism) out of their shells.

Square Pegs Moving ForwardThe program helps them do this through an adaptive horsemanship program down in Pescadero, CA where kids come not for rigid lessons, but for fun – learning as part of enjoying themselves, learning as they care for the animals (they have cats, dogs, goats and rescue horses as well), and learning as they grow from students to volunteer assistants to helping the new kids as assistant teachers themselves.  If you love horses or kids or just like making a big difference in someone else’s life, consider a little donation.  Every bit helps.