Whole Foods NoeNoe Valley has a full-service grocer again!

Yours truly was one of the first 10 people to check out at the new Noe Valley Whole Foods!  Great to have them here as a neighborhood resource.

As part of our family’s commitment to living a more sustainable lifestyle, we do try to eat foods from local farmers, bakers, etc.  We frequent the fabulous Noe Valley Farmer’s Market each weekend, loading up on Dry Farmed Tomatoes, Purple Potatoes, fresh-squeezed Beet juice, Wild Mushrooms for our Mushroom Risotto, Swanton Berries for our Zabaglione w/berries, and Prather Ranch humanely-ranched meats.  A big “Thank You!” to Leslie Crawford, a local author, mother, and community organizer (yay!) for organizing this great community resource.

Leslie CrawfordLeslie was also on hand this morning at the opening of the new Noe Valley Whole Foods, just 32 minutes ago.  Rather than feel that Whole Foods is a competitor, she has managed to get Whole Foods to be a partner to her efforts to get an organic garden at James Lick Elementary School and to get kids excited about growing (and consuming!) delicious and healthy organic fruit and produce.

It’s critical for all of us to live in walkable neighborhoods with resources like full service grocery stores, hardware stores, cleaners, etc.

  • Walking improves our health and keeps us out of our cars.
  • Walking gives us the opportunity to meet our neighbors, see other neighborhood shops and patronize them.
  • Walking gives families & friends opportunities to spend time together that suburban and retail-bereft urban ‘hoods don’t get.

So welcome to Whole Foods and, when you’re thinking about a new place to live…check out the Walkscore…it matters.